Art is made by artists, not corporations…

DLTLLY is a platform presented by UK hip hop duo JollyJay & H-to-O and is primarily based in Berlin. The name came about when JollyJay & H-to-O came up with a slogan for merchandise shirts on their “39 Days” tour in 2010. The slogan was well received by the public so the two decided to name their personal website
After about a year JollyJay & H-to-O decided to transform the platform from a personal website to a general platform aimed towards and for musicians as well as fans of organic and independent music. We see great importance in artistic integrity so while the artists we feature may be signed to a label or not, they certainly prevent themselves from being “labeled” by one.

Fans can use DLTLLY as a platform to find quality music and gain personal insights into some of their favorite artists without having to sift through the masses of rubbish online. While the main focus is Hip-Hop related music DLTLLY has no restrictions and is open to any other genres of music and art (eg. documentaries, poetry etc..)
Our youtube channel “DontLetTheLabelLabelYouTV” will constantly bring you new episodes of exclusive mini documentaries on artists, performance videos, music videos and more! As we expand we hope to see DLTLLY evolve into events such as concerts, competitions, exhibitions and MC battles. As long as we maintain strict quality control there are no limitations!

DLTLLY hopes to connect international artists and musicians from all backgrounds. By trying to create awareness, every artists featured on the website will be promoted by DLTLLY as much as possible.