Setting off with no money, four guys from Germany and the UK must fund a road trip from Berlin to Casablanca by selling their own CDs, giving street performances, and organizing spontaneous musical events along the way. Max, H2O, Jolly Jay and David will also produce moving images about their trip called “39 Days – A Road Trip” which will be visible on Red Bull Web TV. Detailed infos will follow soon – of course on redbull.com!

Hip Hop’s on the road. H2O, JollyJay, Max and David, otherwise known as Bare Necessities, make their dream real with no money in their pockets and 39 Days to get from Berlin to Casablanca. The first of 15 episodes looks at the preparation, expectations, ambitions, thoughts and worries associated with their road trip. Music is their bond and selling their music is a necessity. The next episode follows in three days’ time as the four men continue their journey from Hamburg…

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