If you a feel like you have what it takes to be the center point of one of our episodes or have something to perform in front of a camera please contact us! If you are lucky and accessible our team will visit you and document you.


Send us your own footage! If we like what we get sent it will go up on our youtube channel and the Don’t Let The Label Label You website.

We do not accept any interview footage. But what you can send in is:

– Your new Music Video
– Show performances
– Camera performances

Video performances can be anything, eg: sing/spit bars over a beat at home, beatbox, perform something with a live band in front of the camera or do a DJ set).

ALL languages are accepted! We strive in making DLTLLY as international as possible!

If you wish to send in a camera performance please make note of the following conditions:

– Good HD quality.
– Clear sound quality.
– NO CUTS. all needs to be done within 1 shot (the same take).
– No longer than 8 minutes (at the very max).
– Shout out “Don’t Let The Label Label You” at the start of your video and state your name (or artist/band/crew name).
– DLTLLY footage has to be exclusive! Do not submit any videos that have already been uploaded.

Please understand that we have high standards of quality control, so please do not be disappointed if your video doesn’t get chosen (you can still upload it to your personal channel if it doesn’t get picked).


Want your product to reach a wider range of people?
You can apply to have your music and merchandise sold in our online store.
Please understand that it costs money and takes time and effort to run a online store. We take 40 percent of the cost (including post and packaging fees), the rest gets sent to you. If you are on our store WE WILL PROMOTE YOU.

Apply under:

(please provide your links to your work and state your full artist name. When sending in Videos try to keep the quality as high as possible and use upload sites such as etc…)

We look forward to your submissions!